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January 2, 2006
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Catch Me if You Can by MichaelBeckett Catch Me if You Can by MichaelBeckett
Just got a new .005 pen and... sort of went crazy with it. I've been doing all these complicated coloring projects lately, so it feels good to just do a pen sketch. Plus I'm actually kind of pleased with - well, with CERTAIN parts of this one. The scan screwed up some parts of it that weren't that great to begin with (glares at legs). Still, there is a wallpaper in my scraps ( [link] ) for those who like wallpapers, because it was pretty much the correct dimensions anyway.

Also, hello to everyone visiting from's Fanart section. I apologize that this is not Yuri, but perhaps my ninja lady's hips will make up for it.

Edit: Yeah, you're really going to want to full view this one. Cross-hatching is fiddly and small. Just sayin'.
yoboseiyo Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2006

me likey
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