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Gwendolyn Greyboar by MichaelBeckett Gwendolyn Greyboar by MichaelBeckett
More literary fanart. I've FINALLY gotten around to reading Forward the Mage, by Eric Flint and Richard Roach. It's essentially a prequel to The Philosophical Strangler, which was awesome. Forward the Mage... Is less so. Sort of. See, the book is written in the style of a flea, travelling Miyoga-styles on the apprentice of Zulkeh, the Mage of the title. The problem with this is that... well, the flea is verbose. He takes YEARS to say that Zulkeh got on the coach, for instance. He describes how Sheylid, the apprentice, UNFOLDS CLOTH, for christs sake. Luckily, the other part of the book follows Benvenuti Sfondrati-Piccolomini, a young artist, and Gwendolyn Greyboar, a young anarchist, and that part of the book is much more enjoyable. They banter quite well.

But Gwendolyn is by far my favorite character so far. She's a wiseass, she's a tough lady. Much respect, plus respect to the cleaver she carries. Whoo. She's described as being distrustful, suspicious, intelligent, huge, and - by Benvenuti - as being like a goddess of passion and fury. The boy needs to get out more.
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yatsu Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
see, this has been in my deviation box since last night. i saw it last night. and i like it. i just wish i knew why i can't stop staring at it. she looks like maybe she could rip my leg off if she happened not to like me very much.
MichaelBeckett Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
I hypnotized Yaaatsu, I hypnotized Yaaatsu...

Given what I've read about Ms. Greyboar, ripping your leg off would be the nicest thing she could do. I just read where she split this guy's spine with a cleaver. Say what you like about Mr. Flint, he can write a damn character.
yatsu Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
mm. that's tastey. i just read where dracula's three wifes tried to rape/suck dry mr. jon harker while he was snoozing on the couch. then dracula brought in this bag as a present for them, and there was this noise from the bag, "If my ears did not deceive me there was a gasp and a low wail, as of a half-smothered child." i wrote in the margin: "a kid in a bag! eeew!"
yoboseiyo Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
yeah, um, he really does need to get out more.

a lot more.....

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